Floor strip off and polishing is a procedure employed for vinyl composition tile (VCT), a flooring material used mainly in the offices, institutions and super markets. Vinyl tiles are made up of tiny vinyl chips compressed into hard sheets of different thickness using heat and compression, then cut into one square foot or 12 inches squares. Tiles are fitted on a flattened sub-floor by means of a specially-prepared vinyl bonding agent that remains gluey, but does not completely dry.

The next step is to wax and buff the vinyl tiles with the use of floor stripping and cleaning agents and some buffer machines. The wax applied on the floor builds up and starts to display unsightly discoloration over the time. It gives the floors shabby appearance and the floors look unappealing. That is where floorwaxing.ca’a team steps in. Let us be the one to take care of the most problematic and dull part of your tile floor upkeep. We will strip the dirty coatings of wax, using commercially approved industrial grade stripping agents. The floor is then neutralized, resealed and coated with three coats of high-polymer shiny floor finish.
We leave your floors in such condition that will extend the life of your vinyl tiles, decrease marks and scratches, stop the soil particles from penetrating and causing abrasion and hence boost your organisation’s professional image.
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