Four reasons why you should strip and wax your floors

Leave it to the professional team to do your floors!

Scratches prevented – Scratches to the flooring due to traffic and the wearing down of the wax coating can happen without regular upkeep.

Prevents tile lifting – Tiles are left vulnerable to elements such as water and debris when the protective coating is worn down. If water get in the cracks of the tile’s, glue could become waterlogged and no longer adhere to the under lying floor. This could cause unwanted lifting of individual tiles of your vinyl, VCT floors.

Staining or discoloration is prevented – Not having proper protection; constant traffic will cause the shine or color to dull and possibly discolored. This is due to debris, dirt and the wearing down of the protective floor coating.

Gives high shine – Having your floors properly maintained by regularly stripping, waxing as well as having periodic buffing treatments will give a shine that’s unforgettable. It will leave you with an easy to clean surface making your moping effort’s efficient.



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