How Do I Get My VCT Floor to Have a “Wet” Look?



Vinyl composite tiles (VCT) are flexible floor coverings that are commonly found in commercial office or retail environments. Made of colored vinyl chips arranged in sheets of 12″ square and 1/8″ thickness, these tiles are glued to the surface of the floor with adhesive. Special floor finish is then applied on the surface of the tiles to give them a wet-like shine. This makes the VCT floor smooth, shiny and look brand new.



However, VCT has its own shortcomings. Like all vinyl tiles, exposure to direct sunlight can discolor it and the floor finish coating can turn yellowish over time. Floor finish is worn off the floor over time due to abrasion from dust and dirt. Harsh unbalanced chemicals (like bleach and other ammonia based cleaners) will also “strip” the floor finish from the floor. This is another area where a properly trained cleaning company can make your assets last longer and save you money.



One way to prevent your floor from getting that dull uneven look is to “top scrub and reapply finish”.  You can do that in the following steps:



  1. Clean the floor: Vacuum the floor to remove all the dust, dirt and debris. Make sure that you do not leave any part of the VCT floor untouched.
  2. Scrub the floor to take off the top layer of old floor finish: Using a low speed swing floor scrubbing machine, scrub the floor with a neutral PH cleaner and a red pad on a swing machine. You are taking off the top layer of floor finish and preparing the floor for new finish to be applied. Rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water and allow to dry.
  3. Apply a good quality high gloss Polymer finish to the floor: The tiles will immediately look wet and shiny. Leave no area of the VCT floor uncovered.
  4. Apply up to 2 coats: When you have finished, wait for the polymer applied on the floor to become dry. This reinforces the shine and wet look.



You should apply good quality Polymer finish on both new and old VCT floor to protect the surface and your investment. When you notice the floor losing its luster, you can give it a new shine. Not only will it keep looking new and beautiful, it will also last many years.



At, we offer VCT  floor care services to keep your floors looking new. Contact us today to obtain a quote for your floor and office cleaning needs.


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