Floor Waxing? how often should you do your building floors?


9945062_sRegular floor stripping and waxing should be a part of every commercial business’ routine maintenance plan, but how do you know when it is a good time to do this and what interval is correct? The answer to the second part of this question primarily depends on the type of business you operate and the corresponding amount of foot traffic it receives on a daily basis.

Hitting the sweet spot for strip and wax services

Of course, the more people you have coming in and out, the dirtier your floors will get and the sooner they will need to be waxed again. However, regular upkeep is just as important from a hygienic and durability standpoint as it is from an aesthetic one. Dirt, dust and other types of debris slowly erode your floors’ shiny and delicate finish, and before long can start to cause real problems to the underlying material.

To save you the money and since it is hardly necessary except for in the most demanding environments, floor waxing is not a service you should have performed monthly. As long as you keep the surface properly protected and maintained on a daily basis, you should be fine with having them stripped and wax every five to six months.

Please keep in mind that the latter is the most effective approach to floor cleaning and restoration, as it clears away all surface layers down to the bare vinyl. Once prepped, up to six coats of fresh wax are applied, and this is what gives your floors that highly desirable luster. A scrub and re-coat application is the step down service from a full strip, and it too can make a marked difference on your floors’ appearance.

To the contrary, instead of removing all of the existing wax, only the top most affected layers are replaced. Two coats are generally applied, and will last upwards between four to six months; note that you can get by with this less expensive option and alternate between it and a full strip/wax if you give special care to your building’s flooring.

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