Concrete Refinishing Resurfacing

A Look At Different Options For Concrete Resurfacing

Many people tend to think that there really is no possible solution to concrete that is old, discoloured, and/or cracked except to either remove or replace it in order to better improve it. However, there are actually many different options that can be utilized without having to resort to this method.

Can the Surface Actually be Resurfaced?

Before beginning anything, you will need to work to determine if the surface can actually be resurfaced. All you need to do is visually inspect it to make sure it is in good enough condition. If you detect any cracks, heaving, or other visible damage, such as settling soil, then these are signs that the concrete is not suitable to be resurfaced. If you are unsure of what to do at any time, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.

Here are some various options that you can utilize in terms of concrete resurfacing:


This is an option that can produce a wide variety of patterns, including stampable overlays that imitate stone or brick, as well as other similar patterns. All in all, the design that is chosen is up to you.


This option doesn’t involve you just simply adding one solid color to a concrete surface. The stain will actually set deep into the concrete surface itself, and as a result, it will produce color effects that are rich and semi-transparent, and it also imitates the effect of either polished marble or stained wood. These effects change every time, which makes this process even more appealing.

Decorative Stencils:

This is done by placing a pattern over existing concrete and applying a thin decorative coating over it. This stencil will expose some areas of the concrete to the coating while, at the same time, blocking other areas to help create the actual pattern.

Saw Cutting:

This is a method that creates different patterns from geometric shapes and grids to designs that are more intricate in nature. Once the concrete has hardened, it is then saw cut. You then have the option to stain it if you wish.


This is a process that is done by using special tools to permanently put designs into the concrete. To help make the results even more striking, you also have the option of staining the concrete.

There truly are many different options that are available to help upgrade the look of existing concrete. However, as previously stated, before you can get started on this, you will first need to take the time to determine if your concrete can actually be resurfaced in any fashion.

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