Demolition and Preparation grinding

Demolition grinding can be used to remove surface contaminates such as coatings, paint and glue. Demolition grinding can also be used to level out small surface imperfections, remove damaged concrete surfaces and flatten concrete to a workable level, essentially restoration of your concrete slab.

Preparation grinding can be used to achieve a surface ready for the application of a coating or topping. Preparation grinding is useful for removal of loose surface debris and providing essential key for polish coating or topping adhesion.

Concrete slab leveling will give your floors that brand new feel and look amazing for years to come.

Concrete slab grind and seal

As a cheaper alternative to our premium services, we can offer you the grind and seal approach as the final finish. It’s faster and cheaper, however the seal does require being maintained every few years, especially in higher traffic areas, such as walk ways and seated areas.

With this option, you are able to choose your varnish level for your concrete finish, whether you want a low sheen finish, or a high gloss, we’re happy to give you the perfect finish to your slab

Concrete grinding and polishing

As with most services, there are the premium approaches, and this is the top of finishing your concrete slab to perfection.

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