5 Reasons to Apply Acid Staining Wax to your Concrete Flooring

When looking to customise your concrete flooring, there are few options more unique than acid staining. The chemical reaction that occurs can turn even the plainest slab of concrete into a distinctive feature that draws the eye and add a touch of style to any space.

You can choose a finish that adds either a marble or mottled variegated look to concrete flooring and results in a non-uniformed colouration and patterning of the floor that is quite striking.

If you’re looking for something to individualise a space, acid staining could be the very answer you’ve been looking for.

Here are five reasons why you should consider acid staining your Gold Coast or Brisbane concrete flooring.


All concrete flooring is relatively durable but acid staining adds an additional durability to already hardy flooring. It has a high resistance to wear and tear and decay and you could even go so far as to say that acid-stained concrete floors simply do not wear out. When properly installed, acid staining will not peel, discolour, fade, stain or chip that way that some other concrete coatings do. They are inflammable and the colouring is resistant to ultraviolet light. All of this means that acid-stained concrete flooring will never need to be replaced and rarely needs refinishing.

Low Maintenance
An intermittent sweep or vacuum and a mop is practically all acid staining requires to keep it clean—no regular vacuuming or shampooing or waxing, no worry about stains from spills, no grout that can discolour or concern about chipping or cracking. While the level of foot traffic will dictate how regularly the floor will need to be maintained, acid-stained concrete flooring has the lowest average maintenance costs of any flooring.

Beauty Without the Price Tag
Acid staining has an elegance that can rival real marble or fancy floor tiles at a fraction of the cost. It is possible to reproduce a likeness to some of the most expensive building materials due to the concrete flooring’s receptiveness to the colour from the acid staining. Replicate slate, marble, sandstone, flagstone, travertine and granite and have flooring that is both sophisticated and modern without having to fork out for the hefty price tag.

Low Allergenic
Acid-stained concrete flooring is not a conducive environment for many common allergens. Residual odours, mould, mildew, dust mites and retained moisture—allergens that are associated with carpeting, wood and tiling installations—find no home in acid-stained concrete flooring and can mean that hay fever sufferers, or those who are particularly susceptible to allergens, don’t experience the same level of problems that they do with other flooring types.

Highly Water Resistant
As the most corrosive element on the planet, there isn’t much that is not affected by water. When talking about floorings, water is responsible for wood cracking, buckling and rotting, carpet growing mould and tiles discolouring. However, acid staining a concrete floor makes it practically impossible for water to corrode it. A small amount of moisture may pass through the sealer and the concrete but it dries out to leave no lasting effect. This makes acid staining an excellent choice for areas that regularly get damp or wet.


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